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Andrea von Salis Hi-End Audio Software for MAC


The stereo AVS 3D●VR software that transforms MAC computers in a Hi-End audio-video 
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192kHz/32 bit float up-sampling: for listening each CD like it is a superaudio CD (and you will astonish with the MP3...!).
2. AVS 3D●VR software utilizes Totally Transparent parametric filters (40), that can be fine-tuned on every frequency and in the “Q”, for optimizing the frequency response of every system without introducing audible digital artifacts (dynamic compressions, reduction of the sound details, “plastification” of the sound). Following our experience, these are the first digital filters that really improves the sound quality of an audio system, evidencing that many of the audible differences between devices and cables resides in little alteration of the frequency response. We thank - for the great competence - the engineers Riccardo Favilla and Massimo Magrini working at the National Council of Research (CNR, Pisa, Italy), and Simone Bianchi (Tangerine Tech).
3. The AVS 3D●VR software is conceived to build the Andrea von Salis Virtual Audio Standard holophonic reproducing system - correlating front and rear channels (US, EU, Int. Patented) - that, without introducing “special effects”, improves dramatically the quality of reproduced sound in terms of wideness of the soundstage, 3D reconstruction of sound subjects (sonic holograms), increase of perceived details, increase of bass frequency perception. The audio system disappears giving space only to the music!
4. The AVS 3D●VR software creates a Hi-End stereo and/or holophonic system open also to MAC’s external sources (CD or DVD player, pre-outputs) allowing to be introduced in existing stereo systems. 
5. With the recommended free SW, you can record external signals, also by condenser microphones, with a studio quality (96kHz/32bit) and to modify the frequency response with the AVS TT (Totally Transparent) filters. With a portable MAC (and the recommended external converter) you obtain a portable studio-quality recording system.
6. Because of the particular way to operate of the AVS system, it is your brain that becomes a sound-field processor, sound-field that seem to be dreamed. For this reason the sound you hear becomes “real”, wonderful, ideal. This being enchanted like when we listen to a wonderful live execution, can induce a general well-being state, reducing anxiety or stress, headaches or pains, improving also your psycho-physical performances.
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AVS Virtual Audio Standard, The Sound of Dreams, for 350 €.
Andrea von Salis

Where the AVS 3D●VR software is born: National Council of Research (CNR) in Pisa, Department of Musical Informatics, by the engineers Riccardo Favilla, Massimo Magrini, Simone Bianchi (Tangerine Tech) and dr. Andrea von Salis (AVS Research).

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